Proposed 24 unit (single room occupancy) Ultra High Density Apartment Project With Only 18 Parking Spaces

10/14/20 Update: The lead County planner stated that there are no updates to report. Check back for updates and/or sign-up online.

8/6/20 Update: Per County staff, this proposal will be using the provision in State Senate Bill (SB35) to "streamline" approval of 24 single-room occupancy units on this small lot (.54 ares) on this busy and accident-prone intersection.

The developer is using SB35 to "streamline" approval in exchange for proposing an ultra-high density project which is now in pre-application phase with the County (Case No. 20PRE-00000-00003).

With just 18 parking spaces for 24 units, residents of this project will have to park in adjacent neighborhoods - - adding traffic to a busy and accident prone intersection.

I'll be touching base with County planners and will update this post.