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Proposed Development Projects in Our Area

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High Density Apartments at Intersection of Calle Real and Patterson (aka: Galileo Pisa). Important Planning Commission Hearing 12/1Click here to view the Concerns Map.

Click here to read the PattersonNeighborhoods letter to the Planning Commission


High Density, 3 Story, 27 Unit Apartment Project

- Density up to 417% greater than surrounding neighborhood

- Traffic safety and access issues

- Mountain views blocked

- Community Plan guideline ignored

- Removes mature trees

11/10/21 Update -- Click on the Picture to Learn More (Important Planning Commission hearing 12/1)

80 N. Patterson (Patterson at 101 Northbound Off Ramp)


24 Unit (single occupancy) Ultra High Density Apartment Project (44 units/acre) with only 18 parking spaces.

11/10/21 Update -- Click On the Picture to Learn More


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Patterson Neighbors Group Background

I started by joining with several other neighbors to oppose a proposed office project near the intersection of Patterson Avenue and the U.S. 101 northbound off ramp.  Approximately 225 of our fellow neighbors rallied together, made our voices heard, and were successful in getting the Board of Supervisors to deny the project and protect our neighborhood. The intent is to make sure decision makers hear from neighbors to make informed decisions on development projects. To keep informed, sign-up for email updates.