Contact Supervisor Hart (805) 568-2191

Thank him for asking County Counsel to review our assertion that the high density apartments at 80 N. Patterson site should NOT BE DEEMED eligible under SB35.

Read the Patterson Neighborhoods' Letter to County Counsel (.pdf) 

View the Graphic on the Perimeter Issue (.pdf)

Copy Planning Director Lisa Plowman on your email to Supervisor Hart   (805) 568-2086

SB35 - SEC. 3. 65913.4. (B) "A site in which at least 75 percent of the perimeter of the site adjoins parcels that are developed with urban uses. For the purposes of this section, parcels that are only separated by a street or highway shall be considered to be adjoined."  Using SB35 language, perimeter sections A and B “adjoin” the railroad track parcels which are NOT “developed with urban uses” nor do they contain a passenger facility.

IT DOES NOT MEET THE 75% THRESHOLD and should be deemed ineligible for SB35 by the County.


Patterson Neighbors

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Proposed Development Projects in Our Area

High Density Apartments at Intersection of Calle Real and Patterson


High Density, 3 Story, 27 Unit Apartment Project at Calle Real and Patterson

10/14/20 Update -- Click on the Picture to Learn More

80 N. Patterson (Patterson at 101 Northbound Off Ramp)


24 Unit (single occupancy) Ultra High Density Apartment Project (44 units/acre) with only 18 parking spaces.

10/14/20 Update -- Click On the Picture to Learn More


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Patterson Neighbors Group Background

I started by joining with several other neighbors to oppose a proposed office project near the intersection of Patterson Avenue and the U.S. 101 northbound off ramp.  Approximately 225 of our fellow neighbors rallied together, made our voices heard, and were successful in getting the Board of Supervisors to deny the project and protect our neighborhood. The intent is to make sure decision makers hear from neighbors to make informed decisions on development projects. To keep informed, sign-up for email updates.